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Online Workshop

This is a video workshop series for individuals wishing to start a home yoga practice. The workshop is hosted via ZOOM & there will be a total of 6 sessions, 30/45 minutes each. We will meet Monday, Wednesday & Friday for two weeks. There is an AM & PM option, pick the time that works best for you. This is a bundle, sessions can not be purchased individually. If you would like a one-on-one training, please book a private session. New & experienced yogis are welcome. Cost is $35 per person. This fee covers all 6 sessions. 


Although the schedule lists all the sessions individually, you will only be able to sign up for the FIRST session which is May 4, 2020. The MORNING session will be held Mon/Wed/Fri at 10AM. The EVENING session will be held Mon/Wed/Fri at 7PM. You can only pick one & can not flip flop between the two. 

Once the workshop has started you will not be able to join in so please sign up in advance. 

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