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Quality Self-Care


General booking for Massage is now open!

The process is still the same, select a service, select date & time, submit your request. 

That's it!

General booking is only available until December 31, 2023.

If you have any questions, please let me know. 

A Letter To My Massage Clients

Hey “I Knead Your Body” Family,

First things first…I MISS Y'ALL! It's been awhile since I've checked in.

Quick recap…Senior year happened & my Son graduated high school.

He turned 18, got his first tattoo & shortly after he left for college! OMG!


Anyway, now that we're all caught up, let's get into these announcements…



Am I completely done with Massage? No, but I will be slowing down…A LOT.

I've been a Massage Therapist for over 10 years & my body is tired!

Going forward, I will only be working with Clients that have recurring appointments.

If you are a regular, there is no need to book, as these appointments are already on my schedule.

If I decide to open up my calendar for general booking, it will be posted on the website.

Speaking of my website, all bookings will now go through I will no longer be using Vagaro.



I will be focusing more on Classes, Events, Personal Training + a few NEW SERVICES!

I am also ready to start working on those Retreats I've been talking about for the past few years.

Stay tuned for more info.

Other than that, it's time for some major SELF CARE!

Sunny beaches & yummy food is definitely in my future & I hope it's in yours too!


That's all for now, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

THANK YOU to my day ones, the newbies & everyone in between. I love & appreciate y'all so much!

As always, THANK YOU for your love & continued support. It means the world to me!


Love GaylaBrown82!!!


PS: You can keep in touch with me via Social Media at…

@IKneadYourBody - Business

@LashaLovesLife - Personal

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